Climate Change & Environmental Decline

S001 - When Cape Town runs dry: The 'Day Zero' scenario

S002 - The United States of extinction: Shunning the Paris Accord

S003 - It's war: Nuclear vs Renewables

S005 - What lemon Trees can teach us about rhinos

S027 - The day after Day Zero

S028 - It’s time Capetonians take responsibility for Day Zero

Wake-up Call Series

S036 - Will mankind be extinct by 2100?

S037 - Human proliferation in perspective

S038 - Environmental decline will be followed by human decline

S039 - The myth that humans can mass-colonise another planet

S040 - Can education and technology save us from an ecological apocalypse?

S041 - Human supremacy at the core of environmental decline

S042 - The myth that nuclear weapons are less barbaric than chemical weapons

S043 - The shocking truth about plastic and how it's killing us

S009 - Countdown to climate chaos

S031 - Avoiding self-inflicted extinction. What are the solutions?

Politics & Economics - Africa

S004 - Economic Freedom can only be achieved through Educational Freedom

S006 - The Crash Landings of Corrupt Dictators

S007 - An Atomic Bomb every 6 months - that's AIDS in South Africa

S008 - We have to prove Afro-pessimism wrong

S015 - The Sledgehammer that ended Apartheid

S016 - How the ANC has failed their Palestinian comrades

S018 - The second scramble for Africa – our continent is a sitting duck

S023 - Malema’s dilemma: To be a Mandela or a Mugabe?

S025 - The introduction of a R10 coin is long overdue

S033 - Post-Zuma South Africa set to explode

S034 - Say cheers to SA farmers

S010 - Mmusi Maimane needs a ‘golden bullet’: Economic liberation through education

Politics & Economics - World

S011 - How North Korea could 'totally destroy' America at the 72nd UNGA

S012 - Sorry for you South Korea ... it's America first

S013 - Shoot-down of Iran Air Flight 655 still defines US-Iran relations

S017 - From 'maniac' to 'maestro' – how Trump could save the world from nuclear war

S021 - The US invaded Iraq in 2003 … will it be North Korea in 2018?

S022 - How China and Russia can prevent World War III

S032 - Will nuclear winter follow Winter Olympics?

S044 - Will Kim drop the mutual disarmament bomb on Trump?

S020 - How Trump’s violation of Iran Nuclear Agreement will affect NK – US Summit

S030 - North Korea – US Summit: Lessons from South Africa

S035 - How long will Trump and Kim’s bromance last? Let’s hope indefinitely

Technology, Lifestyle & Travel

S024 - Will a robot be doing your job by 2030?

S029 - Civilian access to GPS – a right or privilege?

S014 - Proven warfare strategy could bury the All Blacks

S019 - How about we give minibus taxis the right of way

S026 - It's time the Dakar Rally returned to Africa