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Contrarian Perspective

This platform challenges popular thought and explores contrarian perspectives on a range of controversial topics. So often what we hear in the media is taken for granted as 'correct' and little thought goes into questioning its validity. We shouldn't get caught up in waves of popular opinion to identify ourselves as ‘well informed’ or ‘fashionable'.

Popular Opinion

This website seeks to expand people's perspectives. History is littered with examples where popular opinion of the time has been proven misguided or even outright wrong in later times. For this reason, we should always keep an open mind to unconventional opinion ... because you never know when unconventional opinion might just become conventional opinion.  

Political Correctness

Political correctness is one of the biggest impediments to robust conversation. Some people even regard certain contentious topics as taboo. This, unfortunately, limits people's scope to reflect on different perspectives. In truth, we'd all still think the world was flat if people had refused to consider the unpopular opinion that it might, in fact, be round.